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BUIS105-51 COBOL Programming I


Fall Qtr 2006

Thursday 6:00 - 9:50 pm

Kricker 152



09/07/2006 Thursday

        Take Attendance

        Present Web Page

        Discuss Syllabus

        Assign random number to students for the purpose of posting grades on Web site

        Discuss Chapter 1 An Introduction to Structured Program Design in COBOL


1                    Why COBOL is such a popular business-oriented language

2                    Programming practices and techniques

3                    A history of how COBOL evolved and the use of the current ANS standard versions of COBOL

4                    An overview of the four divisions of a COBOL program

        Discuss Chapter 2 The Identification and Environment Divisions


1                    The basic structure of a COBOL program

2                    General coding and format rules

3                    Identification and Environment Division entries


Handout to code and compile



09/14/2006 Thursday

        Take Attendance

        Discuss Chapter 3 The Data Division


1                    Systems design considerations that relate to programming

2                    The ways in which data is organized

3                    The rules for forming data-names and constants in COBOL

4                    How input and output files are defined and described in the Data Division

5                    How storage can be reserved for fields not part of input or output, such as constants and work areas

        Discuss Chapter 4 Coding Complete COBOL Programs: The Procedure Division


1                    Access input and output files

2                    Read data from an input file

3                    Perform simple move operations

4                    Write information onto an output file

5                    Accomplish end-of-job operations

6                    Execute paragraphs from a main module and then return control to that main module


Handout to code and compile



09/21/2006 Thursday

        Take Attendance

        Discuss Chapter 5 Designing and Debugging Batch and Interactive COBOL Programs


1                    The way structured programs should be designed.

2                    Pseudocode and flowcharts as planning tools used to map out the logic in a structured program.

3                    Hierarchy or structure charts as planning tools used to illustrate the relationships among modules in a top-down program.

4                    The logical control structures of sequence, selection, iteration, and case.

5                    Techniques used to make programs easier to code, debug, maintain, and modify.

6                    Interactive processing.

        Discuss Chapter 6 Moving Data, Printing Information, and Displaying Output Interactively


1                    The various options of the Move statement.

2                    The rules for moving fields and literals.

3                    How to print decimal points, dollar signs, and other edit symbols.

4                    How to design and print reports.


Handout to code and compile CP5

Program pg 257 #2 CP6



09/28/2006 Thursday

        Take Attendance

        Complete Program pg 257 #2 CP6



10/05/2006 Thursday

        Take Attendance

        Discuss Chapter 6 Interactive Solution to Programming


Program Write a COBOL program that collects input from the keyboard about an employee (employee name, hours worked) and writes the data to disk with appropriate input data validation. Also have an option to print a list of the data on the disk at any point in time. CP7



10/12/2006 Thursday

        Take Attendance

        Discuss Chapter 7 Computing in COBOL The Arithmetic Verbs and Intrinsic Functions


1        The ways in which arithmetic may be performed in COBOL

2        The formats and options available with the arithmetic verbs.


Program pg 297 #1 CP8



10/19/2006 Thursday

        Take Attendance

        Complete Assignments




10/19/2006 Thursday

        Take Attendance

        Discuss Chapter 8 Decision Making Using the If Statement


Program pg 338, 339 #1, #2

        Complete Program pg 297 #1 CP8




10/19/2006 Thursday

        Take Attendance

        Discuss Chapter 9 Perform

        Assignment to be given in class CP9