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Production/Operations Mgt.




Jean P Houser, Professor




227 Kricker


Office Hours


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Business Dept.




Credit Hours:



Class Location and Meeting Times:  

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Materials Needed:

1    USB Flash Drive

2    Calculator


Note: No textbook is required for this course, but students are expected to take notes during class and should have materials necessary for that purpose.  If you lack the funds to purchase the materials necessary for class, then either borrow the money or drop the course and enroll in a subsequent semester after you have saved sufficient money for the materials.

Math 1500 and BUIS1010


Course Description:

An overview of production and operations management, including procedures and techniques generally employed in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations. Topics include forecasting, line balancing, PERT, layout planning, and capacity planning. Extensive use is made of computers.


Goals and Objectives:

Students who successfully complete this course should:

·         Become familiar with the concepts of P/OM,

·         Build the vocabulary needed to interact with specialists in the field,

·         Learn to use several mathematical techniques in solving problems using the computer,

·         Develop an appreciation for the viewpoint of using planning to increase productivity.


University Disability Statement:

For students who have a specific physical, psychiatric, or learning disability and require accommodations, please let me know early in the quarter so that your learning needs may be appropriately met. By law, it is your responsibility to provide documentation of your disability to the Office of Disability Services, located in the Student Success Center, Massie Hall, (Ph) 351-3594, PRIOR to receiving services.


ADA Statement
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 require Shawnee State University to provide reasonable academic adjustments or accommodations for students with documented disabilities which would not compromise the integrity of the academic program.  Examples of documented disabilities include physical, psychiatric, and/or learning impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities of the student.  Students seeking academic adjustments or accommodations must self-identify with the Coordinator of Disability Services, Student Success Center, Massie Hall, 740-351-3276.   After meeting with the Coordinator, students are encouraged to meet with their instructors to discuss their needs, and if applicable, any lab safety concerns related to their disabilities.



A letter grade will be determined by the total points accumulated by the end of the semester and divided by the total points possible.


Tests                      100 pts/each

Project                   300 pts (paper and presentation)

Final Exam            100 pts plus the exam score will replace the lowest score/s made during the semester

Attendance            0 – 4 pts


All projects must be turned in when requested (due date will be given when assignment is made).


When a test is given to a student, that student is expected to write their class number that I assign at the beginning of the semester on their test in the space provided and to write their class section number in the space provided as well.  Students failing to follow these simple instructions will have a grade penalty for that test.  If you should forget your class number or class section number, please ask and I will provide it to you to write on the test before submitting your test for grading.


You are required to do your own work on all tests and assignments.  There is to be no discussions with fellow students during tests that may be misinterpreted as cheating.  Any form of cheating may result in a grade penalty or the student being withdrawn from the course as well as dismissal from the University. See page 37 of the Shawnee State University catalog.


Questions to the instructor are to be limited to interpretation of the printed test for misspelled words, unintelligible print, or inappropriate questions for the material.  Students are not to ask if their answers are correct or sufficient.


Student Project

Students will write a paper (10 page min) containing the following parts:

1)      Brief history of the method employed to solve the problem                 

2)      Description of their problem

3)      Solution to their problem

4)      List of references

The student project will be submitted as attachments emailed to the instructor – Paper in Microsoft Word format and Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format.

Students will be expected to present their projects to the class using PowerPoint.

All students will be expected to attend the classes during presentations; an unexcused absence during this time frame will result in a letter grade off their project.


Make-Up Tests:

For students wishing to makeup a test missed or raise their score on a test taken, a test over the respective material will be given during the final exam period.  The highest score will be recorded.


Grading Scale:     90 – 100   A

                           80 – 89    B

                           70 – 79    C

                           60 – 69    D

                           Below 60 F


Any student having difficulties or questions is encouraged to contact the instructor during office hours or by appointment.




Every student is responsible for the activities of each class period. Assignments are due when requested. Late assignments will not be accepted unless the student has a legitimate absence on the day that the assignment is due.  In this case, the assignment is due the next class meeting.
Legitimate absences do not excuse the student from class responsibilities.


Attendance is taken at each class meeting.

The number of times you are present is divided by the number of class meetings in the semester giving you a percentage of time present.

            90 – 100 % counts as 4 points

           80 – 89 % counts as 3 points

            70 – 79% counts as 2 points

            60 - 69% counts as 1 point


A student that behaves in an unprofessional manner, that demonstrates a lack of respect for others, and wishes to demonstrate dysfunctional classroom participation making the class less effective and degrading the learning experience may be required to leave the classroom…see Classroom Policies for more details.  These behaviors decrease classroom effectiveness and degrade the learning experience.  Students are expected to be on time to class; those students that fail to be in their seats at the time roll is taken will not be counted present.

Simply, you are expected to treat your colleagues (both the professor and fellow students) with courtesy and respect.


Instructional Delivery Method:

Class discussions and assignments.


Licensure or Accreditation Statement



Record Retention:

I will retain all student work submitted for grading for two weeks after the end of the quarter, at which time I will put the material through a paper shredder.


Payne Protocol:

The instructor reserves the right to modify the syllabus without advance notice.


Academic Integrity
You are required to do your own work on all tests and assignments. Any form of cheating may result in a grade penalty or being withdrawn from the course as well as dismissal from the University. See page 37 of the Shawnee State University catalog.